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Innerpartysystem – American Trash (iPhone Version)

March 21st, 2011
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Innerpartysystem are a group that make music for the ‘Angry Birds’ generation. By synching up a handful of music app equipped iPhones, the band were able to create an amazingly faithful rendition of their huge, synth drenched electronic sound – the results of which were some of the most speaker shaking sounds ever to grace the Shazam Studio.

Already touted by dance rag Mixmag as a band to ‘Keep An Eye On’, IPS are as astounding live as they are inventive.
The song they performed for us, ‘American Trash’, is taken from their forthcoming mini-album released on the 28th of March titled ‘Never Be Content’. 

In support of the release the band are also set to play a one off headline show at London’s XOYO on June the 1st. Tickets are available here.

For all general IPS enquiries check out the website here.

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Buck 65 – Paper Airplane

March 17th, 2011
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Buck 65 is famous for mixing his musical influences, drawing on everything from Leonard Cohen to purist 1970s NYC hip-hop, making him a hard artist to pigeon hole. On appearance, Buck 65 could easily be mistaken for a blues/folk singer; however he possesses a unique flow that shows why he’s at the forefront of the Canadian Urban scene.

Buck 65 – real name Richard Terfry – has been releasing albums under his pseudonym since 1995 and the latest album ’20 Odd Years’ celebrates his 20 years in the music industry.  It brings together a collection of songs from previous EP’s and also featuring two new tracks.

For more information on Buck 65 and to purchase the album visit his website here.

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Trophy Wife – The Quiet Earth

March 12th, 2011
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Often spoken of in the same breath as other UK indie success stories such as Foals and Chapel Club; bolting straight from a similar stable is Oxford’s ‘Trophy Wife’.

The band have just released a double A Side single through Moshi Moshi Records featuring ‘White Horses’ and ’The Quiet Earth’, which the band recorded live for us here in the Shazam Studios. 

Find out more about the band here.

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Ulterior – Big City Black Rain

March 9th, 2011
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Ulterior are the dark boys of London’s Rock N Roll underbelly. Having spent previous years touring with Sisters Of Mercy and releasing 12″ Vinyl of their singles, the band are now ready to hit you with their debut long player ‘Wild In Wildlife’ released on their own label ‘Speed Records’.

Tonight the band will celebrate the release of the album with a launch party and show at the ‘Hoxton Bar And Kitchen’ in London.

For more info about the band see their website here.

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Alex Winston – Locomotive

March 5th, 2011
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Alex Winston is a dimunitive pop darling from Michigan who recently has had her musical stylings used extensively in European and UK advertising for Hyundai.

Her soulful, almost bird-like quality to her voice have made her popular both sides of the Atlantic. From working with NYC producers The Knocks and embarking on a US tour taking in SXSW in March, she then comes back to the UK to tour in May.

Her latest release is a 6 track EP called ‘Sister Wife’ and is available to buy online here.

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Shazam Meets…Hatebreed

February 27th, 2011
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Old school metal-heads Hatebreed from Connecticut are not only one of the longest operating hardcore bands on the scene, with a 16 year career to date, but also one of the nicest bunch of guys you could ever hope to meet. Shazam had the pleasure of speaking with lead singer and 1994 mainstay Jamey Jasta to chat about new music and how he keeps the wheels oiled on his insane vocal style.

December 2010 saw you complete a UK headline tour, how was it?

It was really great the fans in the UK really get it…with it being a headline tour there is a little more pressure in that you have to be ready physically to do a 90 minute set, you need more sleep to be prepared and things like that; Frank and Chris will have a drink before the show – but I tend not to, that’s the one thing that can wreck your voice.

You sound a little hoarse are you losing your voice?

It normally sounds a little hoarse while I’m on tour, but actually I’m ok. Last time we were on a break I went to an ENT specialist back home and they told me whatever I’m doing I’m doing it right, I had a camera put in my voice box and everything and it turns out I’m fine. A lot of professional song coaches have told me I probably have polyps on my vocal chords and tell their students to never sing like I do but turns out I’m absolutely fine doing what I do.


Do you have a favourite UK city to play?

Leeds has been great on this tour because there was no barricade in the venue, which had a capacity of about 300 so it was a really intimate gig. We can’t do that back in the states anymore as we play bigger venues but I really enjoyed it over here. It reminded me of the old days when we played smaller shows.

What is the best and worst thing about touring?

The best thing is the fans, you get to see all the people who know your lyrics really mean something.
The worst is like, whatever bad can happen on tour it, happens to us; buses breaking down, snow storms, cancelled shows or gear breaking…you know how it is.

Are you going to play any festivals in 2011?

Yeah we will take some time off to do some writing to start with and we have boring stuff to do like sorting out the North American label stuff and normally we do 3 videos per album so we may do 1 more video for the last record too.

Do you have any new material ready for a new album?

There kinda is but I dunno what is going to happen with all that yet.

Who are you listening to at the minute?

I really like the new ‘Phobia’ record that is out on Relapse Records, I also really like ‘Black gives way to Blue’ the latest ‘Alice in Chains’ album. The new Weezer record is pretty cool oh and I went on itunes and just bought the new Waka Flocka Flame album, I really like the way he markets himself and has made a business out of what he does.

If you could have one song from history and claim it as your own work what would you go for?

Iron Man or Back In Black because at any sporting event anywhere these get played all the time.

Is that decision based on royalties?

Well in that case, add Welcome To The Jungle on there too!

Check out the latest Hatebreed news at their website here.


Spokes – We Can Make It Out

February 26th, 2011
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In true Shazam Session form, we were treated to the audio delights of recent Ninja Tune signing “Spokes” as they visited us here at Shazam HQ.
The whimsical ensemble are currently on tour taking in Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal and France; see for details.

You can purchase the latest album on Ninja Tune here.

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Shazam Meets… Ironik

February 21st, 2011
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Recently we were lucky enough to get to meet UK DJ and Rapper Ironik at the resplendent Pete Waterman Studios in London.

Ironik was every inch the perfect gentlemen as we discussed his upcoming second album release, his first ever TV appearance, why he loves The Kooks and what exactly it is about the Shazam Charts that catches his artists eye.

Pre-order the new EP ‘Killed Me’ by Ironik here.

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Shazam Meets…Times Of Grace

February 10th, 2011
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Recently Shazam had the good fortune to meet up with Adam Dutkiewicz best known as ‘Adam D’ – founder of the hugely successful band Killswitch Engage and Jesse Leach, the original KSE singer who left the band in 2002 for personal reasons. So if you ever wondered when Jesse Leach will release a dub-reggae album or how Adam D writes songs well now you can find out. Reunited under the name Times Of Grace the pair have crafted an amazing new melodic metal album. It was fascinating to watch just how close and compatible the two of them are as friends and musicians, Jesse providing the emotion and the poetry whilst Adam resonates with good humour and musical genius.

You have a new album ‘The Hymn Of A Broken Man’, what’s it like working together again and what inspired that?

Jesse: Its great working together again especially creating what we did together. We’re both really satisfied that we could capture a moment in time together.

Adam: As for what inspired it? Bad stuff! Personal tragedies; but out of personal tragedy comes triumph. I was going through some really bad times with my health several years back, I couldn’t walk on my own. I was nearly paralysed and while I was recovering from surgery, which took a few months, I wrote this record in my head. It was totally different to anything I’d written before but I always write in my head so I just lay there planning the whole record. Then it got to a point where I needed someone else to do the singing because I’m not that sweet a singer, so I asked Jesse to come in.

Jesse: I was delighted to accept the offer; I always knew we would work together again at some point, we have such a good connection and over the years its developed into more – we have a spiritual connection too, and we channeled something awesome on this record. When I received the album originally from Adam life was OK and then it went downhill so I was grateful during the personal hell I was going through to have this perspective on life. And we created a great record, it gave me a new purpose.
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Sunday Girl – Stop Hey

February 3rd, 2011
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Sunday Girl is 22 year old Jade Williams from London, who only a few months ago was tipped as Vogue’s “Sound of 2011″. Signed to Polydor UK the sultry songstress came straight from a fashion shoot with ASOS into the Shazam Studio just a few weeks ago.

New single ‘Stop Hey’ which Sunday Girl recorded for us live and acoustic is available for general release on the 6th February 2011 and currently available through iTunes here.

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