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Rudimental Feat. John Newman – Feel The Love

May 7th, 2012

Just as you were thinking, damn, I need some uplifting vocal drum and bass with a video that features a load of kids riding around on horses in the snow – here comes Rudimental with the massive summer anthem “Feel The Love”. Radio 1′s Huw Stephens has been playing the song to death, it’s been getting mad airplay, and is set to drop on May 28th on Asylum Records.
Rudimental are a UK urban four piece, comprising of songwriter and producer Piers Agget, songwriter Kesi Dryden and DJs Locksmith and Douglas. Their first release was back in 2008, although their sound has changed a lot since their early days (and the club anthem that first got them known, “Sexy Sexy”).

“We have progressed a lot since 2008,” they said in an interview with Knowledge. “Naturally as producers and DJs you have to adapt and move with the times, if not ahead of them. I think Rudimental have always had an experimental and eclectic sound which has been quite difficult to bracket. Recently we have started to incorporate more live instruments on our tracks and work with a wider range of singers and artists, so our sound has just continued to evolve organically. I think being of our generation and growing up in East London, UK garage has definitely been a huge influence and was the sound we grew up on, although hip hop, funk, soul, jazz, jungle, and pretty much every other genre possible have been important to all of us in various measures.”

“Feel the Love” is a far cry from last release “Spoons,” which had a seriously late night Detroit house vibe, with an echoed vocal that reflected where the song was going – “deeper and deeper…”. The group explain the variety of their tastes through the influence that their London home as on them. “London has had a huge affect on us creatively,” they say. “Bass culture goes back deep into the 90s with jungle for our generation, and I think the amount of sub genres that have come from electronic music in London are what helps makes it such an exciting city to live in.”

In case you were wondering, the video for “Feel the Love” – directed by Bob Harlow – takes a look at the lives of a downtown youth group in Fletcher Street, Philadelphia. Although the scenes of horse-riding through the tough, urban neighbourhoood might seem far fetched, the youth group look after and meet at the Fletcher Street Stables. What you see is a sense of community on the wrong side of the tracks – and it’s a joyeous thing to behold.

Rudimental are set to release an album later this year. So watch this space, bassheads …

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