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FREE Unlimited Tagging: iPhone And Android Apps

March 1st, 2012

Hi. We wanted to remind EVERYONE with our iPhone, Android and iPod touch FREE Apps that you have UNLIMITED TAGGING!

So you can use Shazam to discover, explore and share the music you love with no limits! And here’s just some of the cool stuff you can do…

  • Hear a song and tag to identify. Instantly.
  • Buy tracks. Easy.
  • See streaming lyrics as you listen. Magic.
  • Share your tags on Facebook and Twitter. Social.
  • Watch music videos and concerts on YouTube. Cool.
  • Find new tunes with Shazam Friends and Charts. Great.
  • Use it when you don’t have a signal. Handy.

Yes! With no limits you can tag even more songs you don’t know – or ones that you do – to easily buy them, share them, watch them and experience more with Shazam.



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