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Deerhunter free album download

December 16th, 2009


The ever generous Bradford Cox never seems to slow down. This time he is offering a full, previously unreleased album by Deerhunter as a free download through his blog.

Recorded by him and bandmate Moses Archuleta in 2005, during what Cox describes as their “Tape phase” because they were only playing tape machines and vocal loops; “Carve Your Initials Into The Walls Of The Night” has got a distinctively experimental lo-fi taste.

Tracklist as follows:

1. Bright and Early (8:30)
2. Cicadas (3:56)
3. Rotation (8:03)
4. But I’m A Boy (6:54)
5. Three Dolphins Melting into Orange Wax (4:20)
6. Snow Dogs (2:12)
7. Dogs are Cool (3:41)
8. Homorobotic (3:54)
9. Cordless (2:05)
10. When I Taste Blood (2:53)


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